15 / 5 / 2024 

Today, as part of public security campaign “Safe Summer” campaign, Public Security Directorate published a set of preventive measures that must be followed in the summer season, and the increase in temperatures that may result in some types of incidents.

The campaign focused on some incidents and wrong behaviors that can be avoided, such as forest and tree fires in forested areas, drowning incidents as a result of random swimming, and some incidents involving children such as leaving them inside vehicles, in addition to snake, insect bites and food poisoning.

Public Security Directorate called on citizens to:

*Be careful when lighting and extinguishing a fire while hiking and do not leave sources of ignition by children.

*Do not climb trees, rocky sections, or approach abandoned wells

*Choose a suitable and safe place during hiking trips, and stay away from dangerous areas, especially those surrounded by a warning sign.

*Do not swim in bodies of water not designated for this sport, such as agricultural ponds, dams, farm ponds that do not meet safety conditions.

*Do not rush emotionally into rescuing a drowning person, without familiarity with the rules of water rescue.

*At high temperatures, avoid direct exposure to sunlight for long periods, and wear appropriate clothing to avoid sunstroke

* Stay away from areas of dense grass that may be a breeding ground for reptiles such as snakes and scorpions.

*Do not leave children in vehicles without adult accompaniment, and do not leave alcoholic or flammable materials in vehicles

* Paying attention to the safety of foods and preserving them in a healthy and safe way to avoid poisoning incidents.

*Do not hesitate to call the unified emergency number (911) if needed.