Public Security: Let's call things by their names. The shooter is a killer who brought pain to two families, and ended the life of a young student with joy with another success.

Despite the lack of evidence, and the belief of some that it would be difficult to reach the killer, the investigation teams continued their work with confidence, and were able to determine his identity and seize the firearm used.

Public Security: The shooters can no longer commit crimes and escape punishment, and the hand of justice will reach everyone who insists on practicing the abhorrent phenomenon.

A security force has arrested the shooter who caused the death of the young man, Sahel Mahmoud Khattab, who passed away to the mercy of God Almighty, as a result of a bullet fired by the perpetrator out of joy, coinciding with the results of high school.

PSD spokesman indicated that the investigation teams formed to follow up the killing of the young man, Khattab, continued their work in the investigation and gathering information and evidence that led them to identify the killer, arrest him and seize the weapon used.

In the details, on 18/08/2022, in conjunction with the announcement of the results of high school, a young man in his twenties was taken to the hospital after he was shot by a bullet while he was on the public street and soon died.

The spokesman added that investigation teams were formed from the various concerned departments and the Police Directorate to follow up the investigation of the case from the moment the report was received and they worked to collect information from the area in which the citizen was injured and the neighboring areas.

that despite the lack of evidence, and the belief of many that it was difficult to reach the perpetrator of the crime, the investigation teams continued their work with confidence and collected all the necessary information and evidence, which proved beyond any doubt the identity of the killer, arrested him and the firearm used was seized.

PSD spokesman indicated that the killer admitted that he fired shots in the air for  being happy with his brother's success, as he will be referred to the competent judicial authorities in accordance with the provisions of the law.