The drug dealer, wanted in a murder case, was arrested after he resisted force using a firearm, and two other suspects were arrested.

PSD spokesman said that the investigation team of the anti-narcotics department collected information and monitored the movements and activities of a drug dealer who was classified as dangerous and wanted in a murder case, in order to raid and arrest him.

The spokesman confirmed that the investigation team was able to locate the wanted person, who used one of the tents in an abandoned desert area in Mafraq Governorate to store and trade drugs and hide from sight.

As a security force raided the tent at dawn today as the suspect attempted to flee using a firearm that he had in his possession, but he was dealt with and arrested, in addition to two other suspects who were with him inside the tent, 100,000 narcotic pills, a group of firearms, and a large amount of ammunition were seized during the operation.