He said his words with the innocence of children and a sense of safety that overwhelmed his little heart and his big self...

From the gate of the King Hussein Cancer Center, he went out wearing his military uniform, and with confidence, Ahmed went to the rescue patrol to take him around.

 Ahmed went up to the police patrol with his eyes full of strength and will, that the future is prosperous and that patrol crew have supported  him  and wished him speedy recovery.

Great feelings, how can we describe them, Ahmed who inspired the officer who held his hand and guided him to the patrol, bringing happiness to his heart.

The patrol crew said to Ahmad “ We love you as you loved us” the police touches the feeling of Ahmad as they gave him a present to be the reminder to him  

 We pray to Allah for your speedy recovery, and we pray Allah to protect you, your family and all our generous Jordanian families, under our wise Hashemite leadership.