The most prominent cases during which the main drug dealer in the northern region was arrested, and four people who distributed drugs to the promoters were arrested with him.

seizing 4 kg of narcotic crystal inside a truck coming across the Jaber border

PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department, in the context of their continuous follow-up of all drug-related activities, dealt during the past few days with nine specific cases in the governorates of Mafraq, the capital, Madaba, Maan, Ramtha and the Jaber borders, during which 18 drug dealers, promoters and smugglers were arrested.

The most prominent of these cases were in Mafraq Governorate. After weeks of close follow-up and monitoring of a dangerous fugitive who is classified as the main drug dealer for the northern governorates, a security force was able to locate his hiding place in one of the apartments in Irbid governorate,  He was raided, arrested, and accompanied by a person of Arab nationality. Several teams raided the locations of his three assistants, who receive drugs from him and distribute them to promoters in the northern governorates. 2000 narcotic pills and 3 kilograms of narcotic crystal.

 were seized and

In another case, information was collected about a group of people in Mafraq Governorate and their intention to transport a quantity of drugs and deliver them to other people in the Capital Governorate. On the specified date, the suspects were followed up, and upon their arrival in the capital and their meeting , they were raided and four of them were arrested, 14 packages of  hashish and 5,000 narcotic pills were seized.

In another case in Mafraq Governorate, a drug dealer of Arab nationality was raided after it was confirmed that he had stored and trafficked drugs. He was arrested and seized with 6,000 narcotic pills that were hidden in a secret place inside his house.

In the Capital Governorate, an investigation team followed up information received about two people preparing large quantities of narcotic pills to be smuggled to a neighboring country. It contained 35,000 narcotic pills.

While a drug dealer was raided in Ma’an governorate, he was arrested in possession of 8 packages of hashish and separate quantities of narcotic substances intended for sale. In Madaba governorate, two drug-dealers were arrested who used a farm belonging to them to grow marijuana seedlings, and 140 marijuana seedlings and a firearm were found inside the farm.

In Ramtha, a drug dealer who is considered one of the main distributors of drugs in ramtha was arrested  with 25 packages of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills.

AND investigation team also followed up information about unknown persons hiding large quantities of drugs in a desert in the Al-Ruwaishid area. The AND team dispatched  the place in which 77 packages of hashish, and the investigation is underway to identify those involved.

At the Jaber border crossing, the workers there, in coordination with the customs and security agencies, became suspicious of one of the trucks coming to the crossing. the driver was arrested  and when the truck was inspected, 4 kg of narcotic crystal was found inside it