large quantities of drugs and firearms were seized.

PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department arrested six drug dealers while they were dealing with three cases

in the capital, the Northern Badia and Ramtha.

In the first case, after collecting information about one of the drug dealers who supply the promoters with those toxins, he was raided at his whereabouts, arrested and seized with 38 packages of hashish and 6,000 narcotic pills.

in the Ramtha Brigade, two drug dealers were dealt with, one of whom was of Arab nationality and 1 kg of narcotic crystal was seized in their neighborhood.

In one of the areas of the northern Badia, three houses of drug traffickers and wanted persons were raided and searched, and the three were arrested inside a house, while separate quantities of narcotic substances prepared and ready for sale were seized, in addition to four firearms.