PSD spokesman said that the civil defense cadres the Civil Defense Directorate in eastern Amman, with the support of the Central Civil Defense Directorates, the Capital Gendarmerie, the South and East Amman Police, and the Greater Amman Municipality, dealt at dawn today with a fire that broke out in a number of warehouses containing polystyrene bags estimated at an area of 2000 meters square, in addition to an outdoor yard with an area of 1000 meters square in the Juwaida area.

As the fire  resulted in the death of two people of Arab nationality due to severe burns in the body and five others suffered from shortness of breath, the firefighting teams worked to deal with  the fire and control it completely, the ambulance teams provided the necessary first aid to the injured at the site and their general condition was good, with the exception of one injured person who was treated and transferred, and the two deaths were evacuated to Al-Bashir Governmental Hospital.

Dozens of operational civil defense vehicles and a large number of human cadres from civil defense, police and gendarmerie participated in the operations to extinguish the fire, in addition to a number of water tanks from the Greater Amman Municipality. An investigation was opened to find out the cause of the fire.