Three Royal Air Force aircraft took part in the firefighting operations

Great efforts were made by the firefighting teams in the operations, due to the ruggedness of the area and the high temperatures, which lasted for hours 

More than (100) vehicles of various operations participated in the fire suppression operations, in addition to three aircraft from the Royal Air Force, and more than (500) participants from the personal  of the Public Security Agency in all its formations.

PSD  spokesman said that the firefighting teams of the Civil Defense Directorate, with the support from the Royal Air Force, the police, the gendarmerie forces, and the Ajloun and Jerash Agriculture Directorates, dealt with a fire that spread over large areas of dry grass and forest trees in the Safsafa area.

due to the spread of the fire to wide areas in more than one place, the firefighting cadres made strenuous efforts in extinguishing it for continuous hours, especially since the area where the fire broke out is featured by difficult and rugged terrain, where the fire was controlled and its spread was prevented, and it did not result in any injuries.

More than 100 firefighting vehicles, ambulances, loaders, supply tanks, and agricultural tractors participated in the fire fighting operations, in addition more than 500 participants from the personnel  of the Public Security Agency in all its formations.