The rapid response of the specialized teams prevented it from spreading to the rest of the neighboring warehouses

The firefighting operations were carried out with high professionalism and were extinguished in record time

PSD spokesman said that the specialized teams operating in the East Amman Defense Directorate, with the support of the Civil Defense Directorates in West Amman, Central Amman, Madaba, East Amman Police, the Gendarmerie Forces and the Greater Amman Municipality, were able, at high speed, to deal with a fire that broke out in six adjacent warehouses containing polystyrene bags and wooden materials in the Juwaida area near the central market in the Capital Governorate.

the spokesman stated that the teams that participated in the fire extinguishing operations were able, professionally and skillfully, to deal with the fire and prevent its spread to neighboring warehouses, no injuries were recorded during the fire, while an investigation was opened to find out the cause of the fire.