Despite the large area of the fire, the high temperatures, and the nature of the burning materials, the firefighting crews and their speed of response limited the fire and prevented its spread.

Dozens of specialized civil defense vehicles and a large number of Public Security personnel in all its formations participated in the fire extinguishing operations

PSD spokesman said that the firefighting staff of the Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate, with the support of the Southern Civil Defense Directorates, the Police, the Gendarmerie, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, the Industrial Complex, Public Works and the Ports Corporation, have dealt this morning a fire that broke out in two warehouses containing tires, paper rolls and electrical equipment in the beach area South of Aqaba Governorate.

The spokesman confirmed that despite the large area of the fire and the high temperatures, the specialized teams were able, with full speed, to reach the site of the fire, extinguish it, control it and prevent its spread to neighboring warehouses with all professionalism and high efficiency, especially since the fire fighting operations lasted for several hours due to the nature of the burning materials, while there were no injuries, and an investigation was opened to find out the cause of the fire.