The success rate in the field of fire and rescue techniques has reached 100%.

The success rate in the field of fist aid has reached 96%.

The College of Civil Defense achieved a distinguished success rate at the Kingdom level in the comprehensive exam for the winter session for community colleges, reaching 96.6%, while the general success rate for intermediate university colleges reached 65.3%.

The student policeman, Ammar AbdulKarim Al-Abed, won the first degree and the highest rate in the overall total at the level of the Kingdom in the engineering field, specializing in fire and rescue techniques, with a rate of 96.8%.

While the student police officer, Suhaib Rashid Hussein, won the first degree in the field of first aid at the college level, with a rate of 93.8%.

In turn, the Directorate of Public Security emphasized the continuation of the efforts of the College of Civil Defense in the field of sciences related to civil protection, and enhancing the cognitive competence of civil defense staff with distinguished educational and training performance at the level of the Kingdom, congratulating the successful students and their families and wishing them continued progress and success.

The College of Civil Defense is an intermediate university college established in 2006. It grants a diploma in specializations: immediate ambulance, fire and rescue techniques, prevention techniques and public safety. It aims to improve civil defense services in dealing with various types of incidents with professionalism according to the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan, it holds a public and private recognition certificate by the Commission for recognition of Higher Education Institutions and Quality Assurance.