20 / 1 / 2024 

The Committee of Public Freedoms and Citizen Rights at the Senate confirmed the absolute support for the efforts of anti-narcotics  by Public Security Directorate in cooperation and coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army.

The committee praised the performance of Public Security personnel in preserving the lives and freedoms of citizens, and their capability to deal with all manifestations of expression of opinion with discipline and professionalism in respect for human rights.

This came during the committee’s visit today to the Public Security Directorate, headed by the Senate Member Dr. Bassam Al-Talhouni, and its meeting with the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah and a number of senior officers.

During the meeting, Major General Al- Maaitah stressed the importance of integration in the legislative, judicial, security and societal roles to support efforts to defend the nation’s security and preserve the security and safety of its citizens, praising the great legislative role provided by the Senate to contribute to developing and updating laws.

Public security director  stated that the strategy of Public Security Directorate that was launched for the years (23-26) was based on dimensions that serve security and societal needs, the most important of which is anti-narcotics and improving traffic conditions. These dimensions were based on the Royal Visions of the necessity of serving the nation and citizens in accordance with best practices.

Major. General Al-Maaitah  added that the Directorate is continuing the development process to develop and advance police performance by following the best operational, training and administrative methods and plans to achieve the highest performance standards in line with the Royal directives in this field.

With regard to Anti-narcotics, the Director of Public Security stressed the direct coordination and joint work around the clock with the Jordan Armed Forces, the Arab Army and the security agencies to confront all the challenges posed by this scourge and drug dealers and those associated with them from regional gangs that target the security of the homeland, adding that the important roles in combating this scourge through awareness and treatment, and in cooperation and coordination with all relevant authorities and institutions.

The Director of Public Security indicated to the most important tasks and duties carried out by the Public Security Directorate in all its formations to protect the security and safety of society in the areas of reducing crime, providing traffic protection, and humanitarian services.

During the meeting, the committee was briefed by the Director of Anti-Narcotics Department, during which he explained all the efforts made, the most prominent judicial statistics for drug dealing crime, the most prominent challenges on narcotic activities , and the frameworks for cooperation and coordination with the armed forces and other security agencies to combat this crime.

The committee also reviewed the Public Security Directorate’s strategy and the most prominent security updates and outcomes aimed at serving the citizens, meeting their needs, and preserving his rights and freedoms.

For his part, Al-Talhouni stated that the visit came to provide full support to the Public Security Directorate for its duties in order to protect lives, and combat the scourge of drugs, which has become a clear threat to national security, society and its individuals.

Al-Talhouni indicated to the great efforts that the Directorate of Public Security is making, in cooperation and coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army, around the clock, to confront drug smuggling gangs and the clear achievements it has achieved to prevent these gangs from achieving their goals.

Al-Talhouni indicated also to the constant aspiration to strengthen the partnership with the Public Security Directorate to work together, each within the scope of their tasks and duties, in the interest of the country and serving the community and its individuals, by working in the spirit of team work to confront any challenges or to provide the best service to citizens.

The head of the committee  appreciated the directorate's efforts in constant communication with all official and civil sectors in a way that contributes to strengthening human rights in the Kingdom and enforcing relevant laws and legislation to preserve and build on national achievements in this field.

For their part, the members of the committee praised what the AND personnel in the directorate are achieved to preserve security and public order, combat crime, preserve the rights of citizens and preserve their dignity according to the highest international standards, offering their thanks and support for all the efforts made by public security personnel to combat the scourge of drugs and protect society from its deadly negative effects.