The Committee of Public Freedoms and Human Rights praised the strategy of the Public Security Directorate based on international human rights standards to protect the family and maintain its continuity as the most important component of society.
The Chairman of the Committee, MP Bassam Al-Fayez, indicated during the visit of the Committee today to the Department of Family and juveniles protection to the importance of the integrative approach to strengthen the family protection system and care for the most vulnerable groups and Develop legal and social frameworks for the protection of the family in line with our values, in order to preserve the security and integrity of the family and preserve its existence.
The Chairman and members of the Committee was breifed by the Director of the Department, Brigadier General Saed Al-Qatawne on the humanitarian and social efforts provided by the Department in dealing with family issues, working towards a family environment free of violence and providing integrated legal, social and health services in accordance with a system of participatory action to reduce violence in all its forms and contribute to achieving family security and stability.
At the end of the visit, the members of the Committee were briefed during a tour of the Department's facilities on the latest updates witnessed by the Department to provide all security and humanitarian Services.