Today, the Public Security Directorate celebrated the conclusion of the twinning project in the Community Peace Center, which was established in cooperation with the European Union, represented by the Federal Republic of Germany - Bavaria Police.

The project, which lasted for nineteen months, comes in the context of building a modern strategy that achieves the goals of the center and enables it to perform its mission to promote a culture of community peace, reduce extremism that leads to violence, spread the principles of peace and tolerance, and achieve the highest levels of reassurance in society.

The project included the media  , capacity building, and the monitoring and evaluation dimensions within specialized workshops, courses and programs that contribute to building the capabilities of the center's employees in the areas of planning and training, and spreading awareness through effective partnerships with all the center's partners from the local community.

The ceremony was attended by the Assistant Director of Public Security for Traffic and Foreign Affairs, and a number of senior officers of the Directorate, as well as representatives of the European Union and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.