High professionalism in providing ambulance service saves the player and secures his arrival to the hospital

   PSD spokesman said that the specialized ambulance teams of the Civil Defense Directorate in central Amman, which are on duty inside the Prince Rashid Hall in the Sports City, managed this evening to perform a successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a 16-year-old Jordanian karate player inside a car. The player injured during exercise, as a result of which he lost his heartbeat and breathing.

  PSD spokesman indicated that the professionalism and speed in providing the ambulance service made him recover his heartbeat and breathing, as he was transferred to the University of Jordan Hospital, in good health.

  He stressed the partnership and cooperation between the Jordan Olympic Committee, sports federations and the Public Security Directorate, which aims to provide the highest levels of security and safety and the measures taken to care for players and those in sports stadiums during local and international tournaments and activities.