The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized today the ceremony honoring the winners of the Security Excellence Award for the personnel of Public Security Directorate at the individual level and the winning units at the institutional level for the year 2022.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed that the winners of these awards have achieved on the individual and collective levels is the result of distinguished and diligent work in performing the tasks and duties entrusted to them, which they were keen to implement with the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. .

Major General Al-Maaitah stated that the message of Public Security Directorate is a humanitarian, security and community one, and it represents the country and its people as a modern institution capable of providing all services to citizens and residents, which requires more effort and continuity of work around the clock to carry out the duties entrusted by qualifying personnel to deal with citizens in a professional and highly professional manner, in a way that ensures the achievement of the national and strategic goals to protect the country's capabilities and enforce the law, taking into account the respect and preservation of human rights and dignity.

The Director of Public Security also was briefed on  the annual briefing of the Office of the Inspector General, which was presented by the Inspector General, Brigadier General Sadiq Al-Awran, in which he indicated that the Directorate is keen to continuously improve the quality of institutional performance by adopting new methodologies and methods in various areas of security work for all organizational units and formations, and raising the efficiency of workers to spread the spirit of competition, in order to improve the security, police and humanitarian services provided to the recipients.

At the end of the ceremony, which was attended by senior public security officers from various units and formations, PSD director distributed awards to the deserving ones.