We will be, as His Majesty trust: the most honest in words and the most sincere in deed, to reflect the bright picture  of our Arabism and our brotherhood in standing beside our brothers in Qatar.


We work with confidence and high morale, and we have carried out a number of important exercises with our brothers, in high coordination with the World Cup Safety and Security Committee within modern security plans and methods, with high efficiency and capacity.

The leadership of the Jordan force participating in securing the activities of the Qatar World Cup 2022 affirmed the high morale and confidence enjoyed by the Jordanian force to carry out its duties during the event efficiently and competently.

Colonel Awad Al-Sharafat, the Commander of the Sports Inspection Force followed to the Jordan Force Command, spoke to Public Security Radio ( Amen FM), saying: “We are working with high morale to implement the wise Royal directives, with close follow-up from the Public Security directorate”.

Al-Shurafat added: We pledge to His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces, to continue to work as His Majesty entrusted us, the noblest in words, and the most sincere in deed, indicated that the Jordanian force proudly carried the honor of representing Jordan in this historical event, the first of its kind in the Arab world. we will offer all our experiences and efforts to reflect the bright picture of our Arabism and brotherhood in standing by our brothers in Qatar.

Colonel Al-Shurafat thanked the Director of Public Security, Major General AbiedAllah Maaitah, who follows up the force's affairs on a daily basis to check on and stand up for its efforts.

Al-Sharafat indicated that the Jordan force has worked since its arrival in Qatar in high coordination with the World Cup Committee, and has implemented a number of exercises that include multiple scenarios before starting the implementation of security plans that were developed with modern security methods that enable it to respond efficiently.

Al-Shurafat added that the Jordanian force is the largest in number among the countries participating in securing the World Cup events, and previously participated in securing the Arab Cup championship that took place last year in Qatar, and the force has capabilities and long experience in the security of stadiums, which enables it to work efficiently.

Al-Sharafat praised the brothers in Qatar, who showed original Arab generosity in their good cooperation with the Jordanian force, referring to the high-level coordination, especially with the World Cup Security Committee.