The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department has launched a theoretical examination service for the category of persons with disabilities who are deaf and hard of hearing.

This service comes as an embodiment of the Public Security Directorate's interest in this category of citizens, and an extension of the series of services that the Licensing Department has been working on launching to take into account the needs of all citizens.

This service will allow deaf or hard-of-hearing recipients to conduct a theoretical examination for the purpose of obtaining a driver's license by reviewing the relevant licensing department, and to undergo the examination as usual, without bringing a sign language interpreter, or referring to any other party, as was previously.

The Licensing Department was also keen to distribute the theoretical training curriculum in sign language for free, which was also provided within the distance training application curricula available at all driver training centers.

The Director of Public Security, Maj. Gen. Abeidallah Maaitah, had instructed to expedite work to complete, modernize and expand services in the licensing department and traffic departments, according to advanced technologies that serve citizens and in line  the wise Royal directives by improving services in all aspects of daily life.