Today, a delegation from the National Center for Human Rights headed by the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, Samar Hajj Hassan, visited the Women correction and Rehabilitation Center on the occasion of International Women's Day, to see the most prominent efforts and services provided to inmates, in the presence of the Director of the Department, Brigadier General Falah Al-Majali.

Brigadier Al Majali said that the correction work carried out by the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers aims to preserve the rights of inmates and provide them with the necessary human care, in line with national legislation and international covenants that protect human rights, indicating to the importance of the participatory and complementary relationship between the Public Security Directorate and the National Center for Human Rights and institutions official, which falls within a vision based on applying the ideals of humanity and following up the conditions of inmates in rehabilitation centers and their inclusion in all types of humanitarian care.

For her part, the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the National Center for Human Rights praised the efforts of the Public Security Directorate in the field of caring for female inmates during or after the period of detention, providing a high level of care, health and service care, and providing the requirements for a decent life for the inmates of the center, so that they become more capable of living.

The delegation toured the center's facilities and was briefed on the nature of the services provided to the inmates, appreciating the level of services provided by the center to the inmates, which they witnessed on the ground during the visit, which is in accordance with the highest international standards in the field of human rights.