Public Security Directorate inaugurated today in the capital, Amman, the permanent store to offer and sell products for inmates of correctionand rehabilitation centers, in the presence of the Assistant Director of Public Security for the Judiciary, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Tbaishat.

The opening of this store comes as one of the vocational rehabilitation programs approved by the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department, and as part of its reform policy to train inmates in skills, to enable them to return to their communities as active individuals, and to find a source of income for them after the expiry of their sentences.

The project will enable the inmates to sell their products directly, through the permanent exhibition in the Wihdat area in the capital, Amman, where the exhibition will be available for visitation, and the purchase of products offered by all citizens directly, with a return on the guests who have been involved in the vocational and professional rehabilitation programs.

The opening of this store will be followed by the launch of the electronic version of it, as the first electronic store to display and sell the products of the inmates of the correction and rehabilitation centers. It can be accessed through the link, and it will allow the possibility of purchasing online for all visitors to the site, from inside and outside the Kingdom, It will provide electronic payment services and local and international delivery.

The project will also stimulate the production process and develop it within the correction and rehabilitation centers, and link it to the requirements of the market, which will achieve a source of income for the inmates, and direct their production according to the needs of the market, which qualifies them to start their own  projects after their release and keep pace with the digital development in the field of selling and marketing their products.

It is noteworthy that the products that will be sold through the online store, include ceramics, pottery, metal and wooden furniture, antiques, gifts, drawing and plastic art, in addition to embroideries and accessories .