3 / 1 / 2024 

Today, the head and members of the Parliamentary Justice Bloc affirmed the bloc’s support to the Public Security Directorate, and their support for the efforts made to defend the security of the homeland and preserve the stability of society and the safety of its members.

This came during the visit by the head of the bloc and a number of its members today to the Public Security Directorate and their meeting with the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah.

During the meeting, Major General Al-Maaitah indicated that the Public Security Directorate is moving towards achieving its goals through a security strategy aimed at improving the security services provided to citizens, and providing a safe environment for all citizens and residents of the nation, within a framework of integrity and respect for the human rights.

The Director of Public Security stressed the importance of integration in roles, and taking into account all points of view, opinions and proposals aimed at developing the security process in partnership with state institutions and society, indicating to the importance of the existing partnership between the executive and legislative authorities, to achieve the highest national interests.

The head of the bloc, Representative Mujhim Al-Saqour, praised the level of outstanding performance and discipline of members of the Public Security Directorate in various field duties throughout the country, and the services provided by all relevant units and departments.


Members of the bloc stressed the importance of maintaining communication and participatory work between the Legislative Council and the Public Security Directorate, especially in areas related to implementing the rule of law, maintaining security in society, and improving the services provided to citizens.

The members of the bloc appreciated the level reached by the Directorate in preserving rights and freedoms according to the highest levels of excellence and efficiency, and in accordance with international standards that take into account the preservation of law enforcement and the preservation of citizen’s dignity, stressing the importance of supporting these efforts to ensure the consolidation of the foundations of security and stability.