The Parliamentary Women and Family Affairs Committee visited the Family and Juvenile Protection Department today, to observe the work mechanism and the services provided by the department in the field of domestic violence and juvenile delinquency.

The Chairwoman of the committee, MP Mayada Shreim, and the members of the committee were briefed by the Director of the Department, Brigadier General Saed Al-Qatawneh, during which he explained the work mechanisms, the services provided to the family and the child, and the most prominent educational plans directed to the family.

The director of the department added that that Public Security Directorate has used all the human and logistical capabilities necessary to maintain the department's work system, according to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence, in cooperation with all specialized institutions within a scientific and legal approach that aims first and foremost to protect and assist women, children and families.

The Chairwoman and members of the Parliamentary Committee praised the efforts made by the Family and Juvenile Protection Department for the  continuous work around the clock.

The committee emphasized the level of development witnessed by the department in various aspects, from receiving communications, receiving complaints, dealing with and reducing cases of domestic violence, especially as this has a great impact on maintaining family security in society.

The visit included a discussion session on the most prominent types of domestic violence that are dealt with, and ways to prevent it, in addition to showing a film about the most important issues that the department do  and the  educational plans implemented in order to raise awareness and family culture in society.