Today, the Parliamentary Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee visited the Addiction Treatment Center of the Anti-narcotics department, to see the efforts made by the department  in confronting this scourge and the treatment services provided by the center.

The members of the committee, headed by Representative Bassam Al-Fayez, appreciated the great efforts made by the Department to protect society from the dangers of this scourge, and the humanitarian role played by the center and the mechanisms for addiction treatment, and the complete confidentiality that increases the desire of the addict and his family to receive treatment, and the consequences from legal effects exempting the addict to encourage him to pass the treatment program and return to society with his full energies and ability to give.

The Lower house  stands by the Public Security Directorate and supports its efforts to protect society from the drugs in all its forms.

The AND Director confirmed that Public Security Directorate continues to work jointly with all parties for more achievements in the field of anti-narcotics, through strategic plans in the field of control, awareness and treatment.

The chairman and members of the committee were briefed  by the director of the Addiction Treatment Center, during which he presented  treatment methods, how to deal with addicts, the treatment law, and the stages that addicts undergo, in addition to the comprehensive reform program that the addict undergoes to rehabilitate and reintegrate him into society.