18 / 11 / 2023 

PSD warned of the expected weather conditions tomorrow that may witness a heavy rainfall and low horizontal visibility due to winds and dust.

The Directorate stressed the need to follow the bulletins issued by the Directorate of Public Security and the concerned authorities, and follow the following instructions:

Stay away from the sides of valleys, places where floods form, and low-lying areas, including the Dead Sea area.

Check the vehicle, adhere to traffic rules, and avoid committing traffic violations.

Moving from low places to higher, safer places, especially for those living in mobile housing units.

Avoid crossing the road, whether on foot or vehicles, in the event of high water levels.

Being careful while driving, and avoid high speeds.

The safe use of all types of heating devices and the house must be ventilated from time to time.

The risk of decreased horizontal visibility due to dust in desert areas or due to low clouds touching the ground’s surface above mountain highlands.

Do not hesitate to call the unified emergency number (911) if necessary.