The Directorate of Public Security celebrated today, at the Royal Police Academy, the graduation of courses for heads of security centers and the rehabilitation of heads of civil defense centers and commanders of gendarmerie battalions.

These courses come within the framework of the training strategy of the Public Security Directorate, which aims to improve performance by paying attention to the human element and raising the  efficiency and ability, as it is the main element in the process of progress and development.

The courses aim to hone the capabilities and skills of the trainees in a way that improves their performance while they assume the burdens and tasks of commanding the units, and is reflected in raising the level of security and humanitarian service provided to citizens in accordance with the highest levels of professionalism and proficiency.

A group of officers nominated for leadership positions in the Public Security Directorate, officers from Abu Dhabi Police, and officers from the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense in the United Arab Emirates participated in the course.

The course, which lasted for eight weeks, included theoretical and training courses, interactive meetings with administrative rulers, senior security officers, dignitaries from the local community, and field visits to security and military institutions and units in order to provide the participants with the necessary experience and knowledge.

At the end of the ceremony, the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training distributed certificates to those who deserved it.