* continuous efforts over 24 hours enabled the specialized teams from the Civil Defense, Ma'an Police and the Gendarmerie Forces to find the body of a young man whose vehicle was swept away by torrential waters in Ma'an Governorate yesterday.

* search operations were conducted by the participating teams, during which all necessary equipment and manpower were used until the body of the young man, Muhammad Salama Abu Nuer was found.

PSD spokesman  said that the specialized teams in Public Security Directorate, including civil defense, police, and gendarmerie forces, dealt with a report that a person whose vehicle was swept away by torrential rains formed in the Ahweda area.

PSD spokesman indicated that after search operations that started on Sunday evening along the the torrent, due to the difficult geographical nature and the high percentage of silt formed by the torrent, it was an obstacle to the search operations, but the professionalism of the participating cadres enabled them to find the body of the young Muhammad Salama Abu Nuer and take it out of the water and then evacuated to the hospital.

PSD spokesman added that a large number of public security perssonel and a number of specialized civil defense equipments , in addition to drones, participated in the search operations.

Public Security Directorate conveys  its sincerest condolences the family of the deceased.