A committee that included specialists from the relevant ministries and institutions identified (81) sites that are the most dangerous, and made recommendations to develop solutions and reduce the recurrence of accidents there.

Public Security Directorate: We are continuing to implement the traffic strategy on all preventive and executive dimensions, to ensure a safe traffic environment.

The Jordan Traffic Institute completed the traffic study for identifying and studying the most dangerous sites in the Kingdom, which witnessed recurrence of traffic accidents, with the aim of coordinating with the responsible authorities to develop appropriate engineering and technical solutions to reduce the recurrence of these accidents.

This study, which was supervised by the Institute, comes within the framework of the traffic strategy launched by the Public Security Directorate, in implementation of the wise Royal directives aimed at raising the level of traffic safety on roads.

The study was prepared by a committee that included specialists from the ministries: Local Administration, Public Works, Housing and Transportation, Greater Amman Municipality, Land Transport Regulatory Authority, Traffic Departments, highway Patrols, Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department, and the Traffic Institute, as the committee conducted physical and field inspections on thousands of sites by specialized work teams.

The traffic map, which was prepared according to numbers and statistics, indicated that traffic intersections and road sections were the most dangerous, and the study concluded to identify (81) traffic sites that are considered the most dangerous because of the recurrence of accidents in the past three years.

The study identified the reasons for the recurrence of accidents in these locations and emphasized the follow-up of work on them until the completion of the implementation of appropriate solutions and reducing their seriousness, through communication with all concerned parties, by developing engineering and technical solutions and coordinating with them to implement the best solutions.

The capital, Amman, constituted the largest percentage of these sites, reaching (28) sites, or (34.6%), in the central region (24) sites, or (29.6%), and in the North (19) sites, or (23.5%). As for the South, the number of sites reached (10) sites, at a rate of (12.3%) of the total dangerous sites.

For its part, Public Security Directorate affirmed its continuity in working with partners in ministries and national institutions, and authorities concerned with enhancing road safety, to implement the traffic strategy launched by the Public Security Directorate, especially in the preventive and awareness aspects, especially that all traffic studies that were conducted Its preparation clearly confirms that the largest percentage of accidents is due to human errors.