The Committee of Women and Family Affairs in the lower house  visited the Women Police Command, as part of the committee’s efforts to cooperate and coordinate with various state institutions, to review the efforts in providing security, social and family services to citizens.

The head of the committee, Abeer al-Jabour, and members of the committee were briefed  by  Col. Mona Abu Odeh, in which she indicated that the women police command is implementing a series of plans and programs aimed at maintaining the security system and its stability in various locations and in all units and departments of the Public Security Directorate. Where the women police became an role model  among their counterparts in the region.

In turn, the Head of the Women and Family Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives praised the exceptional efforts implemented by the Public Security Directorate through the Women Police Command to maintain societal and family security in the Kingdom, noting that Jordanian women prove every day their leadership and ability in various fields of work.