PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department continued their operations to against drug dealers and promoters through continuous operations that are implemented in various regions of the Kingdom, as the department has dealt during the past 24 hours with three cases of trafficking and promotion in the capital and Ma'an.

In the first case, PSD spokesman said that an investigation team from followed up information about two drug dealers possessing a large amount of narcotic hashish in Ma’an governorate and planning to transfer and sell it to others in the same governorate.

Through the collection of information, the time of transporting the drugs and the vehicle used were determined, and the necessary operation was set along the road. When the two persons inside the vehicle were stopped, they tried to escape, as they were chased until they stopped, arrested, and seized 70 packages of narcotic hashish.

In the Capital, information was collected and one of the dangerous drug dealers who are active in the east of the capital and who supplies narcotics to drug dealers was followed up. His location was located, raided, and he was arrested after he showed strong resistance to the force. 3,700 kg of Joker powder and an amount of narcotic crystal were seized in addition to firearm.

In the third case, a drug dealer was raided in the east of the capital,  the suspect was accompanied by two drug dealers all were arrested and 13 packages of narcotic hashish and 3,000 narcotic pills were seized during the operation.