Raids on several sites and one of the farms in Karak governorate, arresting four suspects  involved in the case, and searching for others.

AND continues its investigation and raids in a number of other cases, and they will be announced successively and upon completion of the investigation

Public Security: We are continuing to implement our operations, and there is no escape for anyone who trades in citizens' lives, whoever he is

PSD spokesman said that the operations teams of Ant-narcotics to follow up on any information received about trafficking, promotion and smuggling of drugs, and to raid anyone involved in these criminal activities, have dealt with a number of cases during the past days.

PSD spokesman confirmed that the most prominent of those cases that one of the teams managed to deal with a few days ago an information about a group of people preparing a large amount of narcotic pills in preparation for smuggling them outside the Kingdom.

PSD spokesman  confirmed that four suspects  involved in the case were arrested through raids, while work is underway to arrest the others of those involved in the case, as a raid was conducted on the farm of one of the suspects involved in the case in Karak governorate, but he was not found inside, and the search is still underway for him and others.