24 / 1 / 2024 

Today marks the seventeenth anniversary of the launch of the Public Security Radio “Amen FM”, which was created to carry a civilized media message with the aim of strengthening the concept of comprehensive security and embodying the complementary relationship between the citizen and the public security man.

Since its launch seventeen years ago, Public Security Radio has succeeded in providing important and reliable information to the public, enhancing public awareness about security and societal issues, and playing a crucial role in enhancing communication and interaction between public security personnel and society, and enhancing partnership and mutual trust.

During its years of operation, Public Security Radio maintained its position at the forefront of Jordanian radio, as a pioneering radio station in the field of audio media, and its slogan was #We_speak_with_your_voice..

MAEN FM made a space to its audience  to express their opinions with all credibility and objectivity, through high-quality radio programs and valuable content, gaining the trust of more than 3 million citizens through the radio’s pages on social networking sites.

On this seventeenth anniversary, we wish Public Security Radio further success and progress, that it remains a strong and reliable voice for security and citizens, and that it continues to achieve effective communication between the public security institution and society.