Today, the activities of the first international scientific conference, entitled "The Impact of Cyber-security on National Security", were launched, which is organized by Amman Arab University in partnership with Public Security Directorate, with the participation of a group of specialized researchers and academics from several Arab and foreign countries.

The organizing of this conference comes in light of the growing importance of cyber-security, which has now become one of the most important elements of national security in various countries of the world in a way that protect the information technology systems, operational technology systems, hardware and software components.

The conference aims to spread cyber awareness and get acquainted with global experiences and success stories in the field of cyber security, in a way that ensures increasing knowledge to achieve it and leading to launching social and academic initiatives and services in the field of cyber security.

The conference, which lasts for two days, includes work papers dealing with many specialized scientific topics in this field, the role of public security in reducing the risks of cyber attacks, in addition to the international and national efforts necessary to protect cyber security.