27 / 11 / 2023 

Highway patrols: An emergency child-birth operation was performed by civil defense personnel attached to the Al-Omari police inside an ambulance.

The highway patrols and the Traffic Department confirmed that, as the Kingdom is affected by current weather conditions and the formation of fog, especially in the morning hours, which requires practicing driving carefully, not using the warning four-lights, being limited to dim light, and driving at speeds less than the set speeds, all of which are considered requirements for safe driving in these conditions.

The traffic operations officer added in his interview with Public Security Radio AMEN FM that traffic groups had been deployed since the dawn hours at all intersections, bridges and roundabouts to control and organize traffic movement, which witnesses regular significant activity in the morning period, especially the entrances to the capital.

For his part, the highway patrols officer said that the traffic patrol groups and automated monitoring have been deployed with the aim of controlling traffic on roads.

Regarding the most prominent events that were dealt with during the past 24 hours, the highway patrols operations officer indicated to Public Security Radio that a traffic accident involving a “truck” vehicle loaded with wooden planks was dealt with yesterday on 100 road, specifically at the top of the Sahab Bridge, resulting in one injury. The accident was dealt with and traffic movement returned normal by traffic policemen deployed on the location.

An accident involving a truck vehicle loaded with potash overturned in the Wadi Araba (Bir Mathkur) area after an animal crossed the road. The accident resulted in the temporary closure road to Aqaba.

The operations traffic officer added that among the humanitarian aid that the Public Security Directorate has been providing to its personnel, the civil defense personnel attached to the Al-Omari police station, an emergency child-birth operation was performed for a woman by the civil defense cadres inside an ambulance before she was transported to the hospital. An incident was also dealt with at the Lajjun police station, where one of the vehicles stopped with a young man inside suffering from a fainting state, civil defense groups provided first aid to him and ensured that his health was fully well.