PSD spokesman said that the Cybercrime Unit continuously deals with complaints from citizens that they are deceived to electronic financial fraud by people who impersonated their relatives, friends and co-workers and requested money transfers from them or providing them with their credit card numbers.

This criminal method included a way in which victim received an e-mail from the e-mail of a relative or colleague (and in some cases it is very similar) or messages through the WhatsApp application . The content of social communication is that the fraudulent pretended to be outside the country and that he urgently needs money for something to happen with him and asks to transfer money or ask the victims for their credit card numbers, then it turns out that the person who contacted you is a fraudulent.

PSD call on citizens and residents not to transfer any sums of money until verifying the identity of the person, and not to send any copy of the credit card or its password, whatever the reason.