Hassan bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence, first prize for the project (The Role of the College of Civil Defense in Improving the Reality of Ambulance Service)

With regard to providing sensitive and important services to protect the lives and property of citizens and the fact that the immediate ambulance service constitutes the largest percentage of all incidents that this noble humanitarian agency deals with. The college was established in 2006 and grants diploma degrees in the specializations of immediate ambulance, rescue, firefighting and public safety. The program has achieved a qualitative development in the ambulance service provided to citizens by highly qualified cadres equipped with the latest necessary equipment, which will decrease injuries, reduce deaths, and reduce the social, psychological, and economic impacts resulting from the consequences of not providing ambulance service at a distinguished level. The number of students reached (309) male and female students are registered in the college, of whom (95) male and female students graduated. It is noted that the female members are included for the first time in Jordan in working with their colleagues in the field.