2009The Civil Defense website won the award as the Best strategic Arabic governmental Website in 2009

In  the celebration held in the Emirate of Dubai, the Civil Defense website was announced as the best Arab government strategic website for the year 2009. A delegation of Jordanian Civil Defense officers received the award in the presence of a large number of official stakeholders, led by the Jordanian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, in addition to many Arab communities, especially the Jordanian community in the Emirates, which expressed their pride in  this achievement at the moment the results were announced and the award was received. The Jordanian National Council, which was competed by the major Arab governmental institutions. It is noteworthy that the Directorate of Civil Defense has worked to build and update its website within high-level standards consistent with the requirements of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance. A specialized team works to maintain the work and update the information of this site through many departments specialized in media, studies, communications and prevention. Earlier this year, the Civil Defense website won the award for the best Jordanian government website in a local competition that included many government institutions, including the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense, Finance, the Ministry of Public Works, and many government institutions. what distinguished the Civil Defense website and prepared it to obtain this best golden award at the level of the Arab world is that it began providing its visitors with  information in the Arabic and English languages.