The royal department for environment protection 

  Escort and protection service for employees  


  • All partners 


  • Headquarters: Royal Department for Environment Protection / Operations and Issues Department
    Alternative places: Departments of the Royal Department for Environment Protection.


  • Being strategic partner.


  • Official letter to the department  through the communication channels. 


  • Sending the official letter to the department through the communication channels

  •  Inform the head of the Operations and Cases Department, after the approval of the Director, to send the escorts from the department building or from one of the branches within AOR.


  • The Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Health

  • Jordan Food and Drug Administration

  • Ministry Of Agriculture

  • The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

  • Princess Alia Foundation

  • Greater Amman Municipality

  • Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology

  • Ministry of Water and Irrigation

  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

  • The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

  • Tourism Promotion Authority


  • free.

Time expected

  • 25 minutes after completing the necessary administrative procedures. 


  • Null.

Escort and protection service for employees