"In The Name of Allah, Most Compassionate , Most Merciful

Brother Maj. Gen. AbeidAllah Maaitah, Director of Public Security, may God protect him

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you,

As we issued our decree  to appoint you as Director of Public Security, I convey  you the  greetings of pride and appreciation and to all personnel  of the General Directorate of Public Security for your sincere efforts and dedication in serving the citizens and protecting their security and the security of our beloved home Country.

Dear brother, The experience and competence we entrusted in you during your years of service in the General Directorate of Public Security makes us confident in your ability to assume the honor and duty of responsibility and build on what has been successfully accomplished, from the stages of merging  the General Directorate of Gendarmerie Forces and the General Directorate of Civil Defense in the General Directorate of Public Security , in order to achieve all the desired goals.

The priority at this stage is to develop the practical experience of merger to ensure that each department carries out its Duties with the highest degree of professionalism, specialization and excellence, and to provide the qualification requirements for each of them, and to build on its accumulated specialized expertise in accordance with the best international standards, and to continue to modernize the public security organization with all of its dimensions.

The directorate bravely confronts the danger of narcotics on our society and country, and makes sacrifices in order to protect our citizens. with various state institutions, I direct you to continue the relentless efforts to combat this scourge to remain on the top of the agency’s priorities, so that those involved in dealing and promotion to have just retribution, as well as intensify efforts to raise awareness of its dangers in cooperation with various state institutions.

Dear brother, The rule of law over all citizens without favoritism is the basic regulator of public security work, as it is the duty of all our institutions, in fulfillment of our future constitution and our dear people in addition to transparency, efficiency, and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, as they are an essential partner in the national security system.

Crime in all its forms is a constant threat to all societies, and the General Directorate of Public Security has been and will remain an example in the ability to confront it, With the development in the means and methods of crime, it has become necessary to develop our capabilities to deal with it in order to protect the lives and properties of citizens. In this regard, we stress the necessary need to enhance our capabilities to protect investments, investors and our economic institutions from any attempts to attack and disrupt production. We also stress the need to work to develop our capabilities in combating extortion and electronic fraud, which we have recently begun to witness.

At the same time, it is necessary to raise the readiness of the Civil Defense Department, to meet the challenges of urban expansion and weather conditions, and to ensure a rapid response to emergency incidents, in the service of citizens.

dear brother, traffic jam have become a problem that disturbs the comfort of citizens and their ability to move easily and smoothly, and traffic accidents loses innocent lives and brings sadness in citizens' homes, and this requires full cooperation with various institutions to reach a comprehensive traffic strategy that reduces the traffic jam  in the streets of our cities and reduces traffic accidents, the lives of Jordanians are the most precious thing we have. The beginning is with respect for the laws and regulations in force, their firm implementation and rapid development, according to constitutional channels, and raising the efficiency of those in charge of law enforcement.

The General Directorate of Public Security, with all its personnel , will remain the source of our pride and appreciation, and we ask God Almighty to grant you and your colleagues success in serving our dear people and country."

Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, Amman, on Safar 15, 1444 AH

September 11, 2022 AD.