Anti- narcotics Department


Jordanian authorities  has paid  attention to the danger of narcotics since long time , so that anti-narcotics office was established in 1968 based on prevention and planning methods. The office was followed to the criminal investigation department except the correspondences with Arab Bureau for anti-narcotics were still at cases division/ general customs. Narcotics cases were transferred to civilian courts by police directorates. Based on Royal directives , public security director issued the decision of establishing Anti-narcotics Department on 4/1/1973. The fresh department located at public security building based on recommendations of Arab police leaders conference held at Abu Dhabi. The department was considered the second  specialized department for antinarcotics in Arab World after Egypt.

In 1974, north anti-narcotics division was established at Irbid police directorate , another division was established in south located at Aqaba police directorate. The narcotics cases were transferred to Regular Courts by the department. There was still a need to create independent building for anti-narcotics department to merge the south and north divisions. The new building was established in Al-Abadli – Amman. Since then , the department continued development at personnel and divisions dimensions in addition to  The treatment center for addicts. In 2002, the new building of department was initiated at Al-yasmeen district- Amman provided with all support to perform the work professionally.

The Royal care has played a main role in the development of Anti-Narcotics department in Jordan , His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein visited the department at 23th of June 1999 in which he appreciated the efforts of staff-members. Under the auspices of His Majesty the King so many activities and conferences being held at the department.