Anti- narcotics Department


In 1968, an office specialized in Antinarcotics special office was established and followed to the Criminal Investigation Department.
On January 4, 1973, Antinarcotics department was established.
In 1993, a center for the treatment of addicts was established, the first of its kind in the region.
For the purposes of training specialized cadres, a specialized training center has been established inside the department building.
In 2013, a special task force was established for the Antinarcotics department to carry out special operations and provide the necessary support.
One of the duties of the Antinarcotics department is to combat and control drugs throughout the Kingdom, implement the laws in force in this field, collect information about everything related to drugs and create appropriate conditions for arresting those dealing with it, and prevent any cultivation of drugs on the territory of the Kingdom, and qualify the employees in the department and raise their scientific qualifications And the process, organizing records and opening special restrictions for convicts, preparing reports on the drug problem and organizing the necessary statistics for that, following up the legal and administrative procedures related to drug cases and in coordination with all concerned official authorities, maintaining contact with liaison officers in the region and abroad to activate international cooperation, giving lectures and holding seminars, and supervising To treat addicts and rely on Article No. (14) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law No. (11) of 1988, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and to follow up crimes of counterfeiting cash, credit card crimes, and crimes related to antiquities.

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