Receiving complaints and reports from citizens or any other party against public security men regarding abuses and wrong practices or harming human rights and investigating them and issuing appropriate decisions in their regard.

Coordination with all official and non-official bodies, especially governmental and civil society organizations concerned with transparency and human rights, in order to achieve the desired goals.

 The announced and sudden periodic inspection of places of under-custody  and correction and rehabilitation centers to ensure that standards of transparency and human rights are applied, regulations and instructions are not violated.

 Follow up on reports issued by the National Center for Human Rights, respond to them, provide them with facts, information and statistics requested by them, prepare the necessary reports for the competent authorities to take appropriate decisions, and accompany them during their inspection tours of temporary detention centers and correction and rehabilitation centers.

Follow up on reports issued by international and regional organizations concerned with human rights and respond to them through the representative of the office in the  capacity as a member of the Permanent Committee for Human Rights in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Implementation of the directives of the Public Security Director in the complaints received personally to ensure that injustice is applied and the offender is held accountable.

Reflecting  the true picture of the Public Security Directorate's approach to maintaining transparency and human rights through press interviews, media openness, and participation in activities related to cooperation and coordination with the relevant departments of the Public Security Directorate.

 Monitoring the application of international human rights standards related to police work, in line with international treaties and charters and applicable legislation. Participate in setting plans and preparing curricula and training and awareness programs related to transparency and human rights.